POP and Sustainability

horse in field
When we embarked on this journey and POP was formed there were two things we wanted to focus on:
  • Horses (of course!)
  • But also sustainability and our planet.
Sustainability is ebbed into the foundations of everything we do here at POP.
All of our products are made here in the UK using as far as possible organic ingredients. We never use chemicals or fillers which are harmful to the environment. This also means that the best quality effective and yet kind and gentle ingredients are used for the well-being of the horse.

Our bottles are recycled and fully recyclable.

We offer a refill service on our bottles. If you send them back we will refill them and offer you a 10% discount. If you wish to do this go to Contact Us - Let us know and we will also pay your postage. 
We are currently in the process of sourcing and transferring all of our products into metal bottles and containers to further improve our sustainability. Very exciting, watch this space! 
We use only recycled cardboard outer packaging and recycled paper or card shred in the boxes. Absolutely no soft plastics which are a disaster for our environment and cannot be recycled.

We are now really thrilled to be working with a program called TreeSisters

This project has been developed since 2010 to plant trees and accelerate tropical reforestation. It also helps provide employment for people in underprivileged areas especially women who then escape being forced into work that they do not want to do.
A percentage of our sales profits from each product now goes directly to TreeSisters to contribute to the amazing work they do. There is also an option to buy a tree at the checkout if you would like to kindly further offer your help.
Please help us with our sustainability journey. Most of us are involved with horses initially due to a love of animals and the environment they live in. When you own or work with horses it really makes you appreciate the great outdoors and nature. 

Together we can do this.